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  • The new awning

    The new awning

    The new airframe awnings have been out and tested. Shown here in the Cotswolds with the other one on test in Norfolk - both stood...

  • The travels of Maisie

    The travels of Maisie

    Maisie has been out to the Cotswolds over Easter. Sunshine, rain and storms have made for an interesting trip but we have been advised that...

  • The travels of Maisie

    The travels of Maisie

    Maisie has packed her bag & is off to the Cotswolds - her first trip of the year

  • Spring has Sprung

    Spring has Sprung

    March 20th marked the start of spring, improvements in weather (hopefully) and lighter evenings from next weekend. Dust that sense of adventure down after the...

  • Meet Harry

    Meet Harry

    As we have a second camper on the road this year, Harry will be touring with the Sportcamper GT our new luxuriously appointed 4 berth...

  • Meet Maisie

    Meet Maisie

    This cute little sock monkey is Maisie and she will be travelling with the Sportcamper this year. As she goes out on her adventures we...

  • New equipment

    New equipment

    We are always looking for ways to make your camping experience easier so we have now invested in air beam awnings for both of the...

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